Work-Life Balance

For Impact-Driven
Online Entrepreneurs

 Free up 10-20 hours a week 

Go from stressed and overwhelmed to clear and confident
– Have fun as you grow your business and expand your impact 

… All by shifting your mindset

“Working with Brian I went from not taking a vacation for 6 years to being able to take 45 days off in a quarter while my business kept going”
— Dayna Abraham, founder of Calm the Chaos

I cut my workday down by four hours and am more present with my wife and kids.
— Jimmy Parent, Creator of Snappy Ads & Copywriter

“I went from working until 6 or 7 at night to ending work by 3. Then spending the rest of the day playing video games or going for a walk or happy hour with my girlfriend without thinking about work”
— Branko Mijatovic, Copywriter

“Now I can close my laptop at 4pm and walk away from work.

I’ll schedule things for myself, like workouts or pedicures at 2:30 in the afternoon, and I’ll have work fit around this. It’s been a big change.”
— Rachel Mazza, Consultant and CMO of Copy Chief