Quieting Your Inner Critic Part 3

by Mindset Tips

A coaching client recently told me:

“I’ve spent years learning how to start a business but I haven’t taken any action on anything I learned.”

I asked, “Really? No action?”

Then he started listing off things he had done.

The website he built for his wife… the affiliate program he started… and a few other things.

He had made progress but wasn’t giving himself any credit for it.

I see this all. The. Time.

People are super good at noticing all the mistakes they make, all the times they don’t take action, all the progress they don’t make.

Then they pay zero attention to the steps they DO take, the progress they DO make.

The result, their inner critic rips them apart.

Their inner critic goes off about how they are “lazy.”  How they’re “a failure.” How they’re “not good enough” and must have something wrong with them.

Now there is a wonderful thing you can do that keeps your inner critic from going off on you like that.

In fact, do this exercise for a 5-min a day and after a few months, you may find that you stop being yourself up entirely.

That happened to one of my clients. She went from beating herself up every day for over thirty years to not being herself up at all. (Then she stopped doing the exercise and the inner critic came roaring back.)

I’ve seen a huge change in my life. A coach once said I had “a black belt in beating myself up.” I did it all the time and could be so hard on myself I just felt worthless.

But now, beating myself up is pretty rare. And when it happens it’s not that severe. I can skate through it pretty quick, rather than feel like a waste of a human for hours or days on end.

The exercise is what I learned from Rhonda Britten. It’s simply acknowledging the progress you make 5 times a day.

Specifically, acknowledge anything you do that’s a new behavior or even a fraction outside your comfort zone. 

There’s a bit more to it, hit reply to this email if you want the full practice. 

I share this with all my clients and every single one sees a massive improvement when they do this.

I’ve done dozens of case studies for Rhonda and every single one mentions this practice and says it’s one of the most transformative things they’ve done.

Your inner critic stops chirping so much because you’re spending all this time filling your brain with proof that you are making progress and heading in a good direction.

So you officially have no reason to be dragged down by your inner critic, because you’ve got a simple practice that if you stick with it, gives your critic nothing to criticize.

Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it.


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