Mindset Success Stories from Clients Who Are Kicking All Kinds of Ass

See how they live with less stress, more joy, and the freedom to be their true selves unapologetically. And how that’s created big success in their work and personal lives…

7-Fig Biz Owner Went From Constant Hustle to Taking 45 Days off in 1 Quarter

See how Dayna:

Overcame procrastination and landed a 6-figure book deal
Took her first real vacation in years (spending 2 weeks in France with her son)
Took 45 days off in Q2
Landed her first $42,000 coaching deal
Started exercising and lost 50lbs
Have less stress and more FUN running her business

The Copywriter Who Beat Procrastination and Shaved 4 Hours off His Workday

See how he:
Went from procrastinating on writing to finishing his workday by 3pm.
Had more free time for activities such as happy hours, travel, and even starting a new business.
Developed a more positive and optimistic outlook while deepening his connection with his partner.

From Copywriter to High-Ticket Consultant

See how Angie:

Went from procrastinating on building her consulting business to launching a podcast with tens of thousands of downloads
Got featured on Entrepreneur.com, Business Insider, and more.
Starting a high-ticket consulting business she loves with clients she adores
All while traveling the US

From dreading work to LOVING it

See how she:
Went from dreading work to LOVING it
Landed her dream job
Uncovered her inner joy and now brings it everywhere

Busy CMO Reduced 80% of her Workload

See how she:

reduce her workload by 80%, making work less stressful and more enjoyable
travel around the US with her boyfriend
used this newfound free time to start multiple new businesses

 The Copywriter Who Cut 4 Hours off His Workday And Launched A Business He Loves

See how he:
Cut 4 hours off his workday (giving him more time for family, exercise, and to launch a busienss)
Learned to be happy and relaxed NOW
Earned enough in a month of side-work to pay for his wife's Master's degree

Business Owner & Mom Avoided Burnout And Got Her Business On the Path to $500,000/year

See how she:

Reduced her workload while tripling her client base (and having her best financial months ever)
Went from burned out to loving work again
Feel confident and empowered in her business instead of worrying what everyone thinks

Sam Turns Long-Time Hobby Into a Side-Business While Landing A New Job 

See how he:
Overcame fear of being judged to launch an art business doing what he loves
Balanced his side-project with his job search and raising a newborn (update: he also landed a job he loves)
Went from avoiding promoting his business to doing it consistently (and even getting 6k views on his videos)

From Burned Out to Lit Up By His Business

See how he:

Went from stress and burnout to enjoying building his business
Let go of the need for validation that kept him feeling like nothing was ever enough
Set firm boundaries between work and home to show up his best in each place

Our conversation was really pivotal in helping me narrow down what to focus on to move my business forward. I really appreciate your gift for cutting through the b.s. and getting down to what matters.

Overall, I’m feeling confident about where I am and where I’m going.

Charlotte Ellis


“I was banging my head against the wall for 2 years trying to figure out how to go from copywriting to strategist. I wasn’t sure how all the pieces of my experience fit into a grand slam offer

After 36 minutes on my first call with Brian, I got clarity on what I do and how to talk about it. I saw how all the different parts of what I do fit together. I feel in my power and I’m doing what’s in my wheelhouse. I have solid next steps and feel re-energized in my business again”.”

Megan Kachigan Loehr

Funnel Fixer & Copywriter

I met with Brian during a challenging time in my life.

Between running a business, raising two small children, and dealing with difficult family situations, I felt completely drained and at the end of my rope.

Brian listened with compassion and I left our session feeling truly heard, supported, and with a new outlook that ultimately helped me climb out of my funk towards happiness again”

Rachel Harrison-Sund

Coach for Highly Sensative Entrepreneurs

Before working with Brian I was stuck at my job, overwhelmed, and burned out.  Work was draining me, but I desperately wanted to spend more time building my own business and exploring my passion for teaching, performing, and coaching comedy. 

With his help, I found space in my day to work smarter, feel less stressed, and be more productive.  Now I can set boundaries, delegate, and let go of some mental weight I didn’t need to carry.

Within a week I wrote a show, got my first client, and found time to go skiing :). My heart is full and every step is in the right direction to building a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Alissa Ahlberg

Partnership Manager & Clown

I recently had a dramatic income drop and I was unsure what steps to take next.

Being an entrepreneur means lots of isolation so I needed a fresh perspective. Brian was brimming with ideas. He’s so freaking innovative and a great listener.

I left our session with pages of notes and an action plan. When you’re ready to get moving on the next step (or figuring out what that even is) Brian’s your dude!”.

Lorrie Morgan

Founder and Copywriter, Red Hot Copy

“Working with Brian has been incredible.

I had been stagnant in my business journey for a while and his listening ability helped me gain confidence to pursue the path I’ve been wanting to take for a while but didn’t have the map to get there. Brian gave me the map.

I highly recommend him if you’re stuck and need to find a better, more purposeful way to run your business.”

George Banko


“Every minute of the session with Brian was incredibly valuable. 

All of the questions, prompts and suggestions gave me the insight to refine the questions I’m asking myself, and more importantly, made me feel energized about my own plans and goals, when I’ve been shying away from thinking about them for weeks.”

Coti Orias

Marketer and Fashion Consultant

I sold my online coaching and membership business and went to work at a marketing agency for a season until I knew what was next.

When it felt like it might be time, Brian helped me get clarity about what this first step should look like.

He helped me get past the “shoulds” and other head-trash that told me I needed to do work I was good at but didn’t excite me.

In a short time, he helped me discover a path that both excited me and I felt confident pursuing.    

Jon Nicol

Founder, WorshipTeamCoach.com

I felt the nagging sense that I didn’t have enough time to spend on passion projects and personal interests

Brian helped me realize that I wasn’t structuring my schedule to align with my energy. I’d cut out screen time distractions, but some of my other behaviors were impacting my ability to fully reach my goals.

I made a simple change to my schedule that opened up 10+ hours in my week to work on things that excite me.

Hilary Welter

Marketing Manager

Before working with Brian, I was often unable to prepare the sessions for the roleplaying games I wanted to run.  I would have to “have things perfect and be inspired” before I could start and I would beat myself up for “Starting, procrastinating, letting myself down.” 

In my first session with Brian I noticed two patterns in my life and it was clear I could think of them differently.  I needed to engage with how I wanted to be rather than focusing on what I disliked about myself.  I named the cycle as my “Study, Ruminate, Inspiration” cycle and appreciated my natural pattern.and encouraged it. 

It’s been a short time to test, but I’m consistently ready to run a session I prepared with little anxiety, and I have other sessions and campaigns in various states of preparedness.  Most of all, I no longer beat myself up for procrastinating; I spend my time planning and ruminating about the fun experiences I can bring to my friends and experiencing the joy of preparing games I may or may not run.

Clyde Clark

Game Master

Your insights were perfect and just what I needed. I overcame procrastination, and I’m writing my book again. And I’m feeling healthier in all aspects”


Leadership Coach

If you’re a copywriter who wants to pivot and become a coach, you need to talk with Brian McCarthy before you make the switch!

In just one hour, he helped me clear up a ton of head trash I’d picked up from working with clients. He showed me exactly how easy it is to just get started. Brian saved me months of toiling away on projects that aren’t necessary (and probably wouldn’t have made much money).

I left our session feeling confident, empowered, and like I was so much closer to my goals than I realized. In the weeks since our call, I’ve received my coaching certifications, built my website, and made an actionable plan to leverage my current followers. Best of all, I have a plan (and a timeline!) to seamlessly transition to working only with coaching clients.

With Brian’s help, I’ll be able to finally get off the copy client roller coaster and focus on the work I feel called to do: helping the parents of autistic kids get the self-care they deserve. 

Karen Kossow

Autism Parenting Coach

Theresa Marie, parenting expert & project manager, Calm the Chaos

“I now confidently hold my role…”

Before working with Brian I had a lot of fear that held me back and struggled to trust myself or even identify as a coach.

I now confidently hold the role as a coach who is learning and growing, trusting herself and showing up more and more authentically as me to help serve and guide others.

As a result of working with Brian I jump onto group or 1:1 calls with little to no worry or fear about “what may come”.

— Theresa Marie, parenting expert & project manager, Calm the Chaos

Tim Felkner, Founder, Uncle Tim's Cocktails

"Brian helped me to put things in perspective"

“I came to Brian during a big transition in my life; leaving a job and starting a new company.

Brian helped me to put things in perspective, set realistic goals, and get out of a mental funk I was in.

Within just a few sessions, I was executing my transition plan and my new business was in motion.  Can’t wait to work with him again!”

–Tim Felkner, Founder, Uncle Tim’s Cocktails

Angie Colee, Coach & Consultant, host of the Permission to Kick Ass Podcast

" I figured out what I was afraid of"

“I had this big deadline looming and felt paralyzed and terrified about making it because it meant putting myself out there and launching a podcast. With Brian’s help, I figured out what I was afraid of, made a plan, and took action.

Not only did I hit the deadline,it’s become a source of joy and creativity instead of being something I dread.”

– Angie Colee, Coach & Consultant, host of the Permission to Kick Ass Podcast

But after spending some time with Brian, things really started to change. He’s an amazing guy who listens, really hears you, and helps you see things in a new light. He made me feel comfortable talking about my feelings and thoughts, and then he’d help me understand them better.

Brian helped me realize my restlessness wasn’t because I wasn’t busy enough. It was because I didn’t really understand myself. It’s not always about doing more stuff, but about doing the right things at the right time. And sometimes, that means taking a break and just enjoying life.

Because of Brian, I feel closer to finding my inner peace. It’s less about always being busy, and more about knowing what’s best for me.

So, if you’re feeling a bit lost or restless like I was, I would totally recommend speaking to Brian. He’ll help you find your own path to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Alexander Dziri

AI Strategist and founder of Raw Circle

Rachel Mazza, CMO, CopyChief.com

“Genuine enthusiasm and solution-driven suggestions”

“With Brian, you’ll never get false positivity or platitudes – only genuine enthusiasm and solution-driven suggestions for how you can move closer to your goals in all areas of life one day at a time.”

– Rachel Mazza, CMO, CopyChief.com

Dayna Abraham, Lemon Lime Adventures

"I've also lost 40 lbs, landed my first $42,000 coaching client"

I started working with Brian because I had a block that kept me from writing my book proposal. Since we started working together I finished the proposal, got 7 publishers to bid on it and closed a book deal for almost a quarter-million dollars.

I’ve also lost 40 lbs, landed my first $42,000 coaching client, and running my business has become a lot more fun and way less stressful.”

– Dayna Abraham, Lemon Lime Adventures

Rachel Kraft, founder, Krafted Copywriting and Graphic Design

“Fear doesn’t need to influence MY life so much”

I can now go through life with a better awareness of how fear is impacting my life and the lives of those around me. I feel like I have more compassion and understanding for situations where people react out of fear. I also can now apply the techniques… so that fear doesn’t need to influence MY life so much.

— Rachel Kraft, founder, Krafted Copywriting and Graphic Design

I had a few ideas, but lacked confidence to make a decision. Several people I admire and respect recommended Brian, and I’m so glad they did.

Brian has a way of guiding you to discover what you may already know, but haven’t been able to articulate — or admit. He is astutely observant and insightful, and easy to talk to. Brian can help you discover a different way of looking at your self-perceptions, challenge your self-limiting beliefs, and get rid of any “headtrash” that’s blocking you from reaching your goals.

Brian is a talented Mindset Coach who knows how to help you dig in, find clarity, and get results. For me, I now have a vision and a purpose of what I want to do. I know where I want to begin, and I know my five-year plan. I’m ready to channel my resources and make things happen. The peace and focus that gives me is priceless, and I owe much of that to Brian.

Kristy Chadwick


“The most powerful thing I can do”

“I was always questioning myself and doubting myself, thinking, “Is that what I’m meant to do?”

The biggest thing I learned was that trusting myself and my intuition is the most powerful thing I can do… it has led me to become confident in what I’m doing.” 

— Galikali Wititj, parenting coach

“Important, empowering work!”

“I worked with Brian during last winter, when Fear was particularly active in my life. He was great in his approach, keeping me focused on goals.

Acknowledging successes and progress often when I was not, and waking me up to how important it is to be on our own side. You will be challenged by him, to rethink some perspectives, very important and empowering work!”

— Katja Dietrich

“Lessons will stay with me for a long time”

“Brian is the most understanding person and the perfect coach for this type of platform.

I felt comfortable sharing and valued his feedback… the lessons here will stay with me for a long time; I plan on revisiting the concepts as much as possible.”

— Lee Wagner, Director of Business Development, Ten Golden Rules


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