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Mindset Coaching  That Gets You Clarity, Confidence, And Results

This ain’t “woo woo” (though I don’t mind a bit of woo.)

It’s simple, practical coaching to help you break free from mental blocks, step into your true self, and love your life.

Your current thoughts and behavior patterns are keeping you where you’re at.

My work helps you break free from them. So you can step into a more powerful and authentic version of yourself. Where you not only do what you need, you have whole lot of fun along the way.

1:1 Mindset Coaching

We build a customized plan to conquer any challenges and get you where you want to be.

Get clear next steps, the confidence to take those steps, and remove the fears, doubts, excuses, and other blocks keeping you from creating a life you love

Initial coaching with me is a 3-month commitment. You can apply to get on the wait list below.

Brian Mccarthy Mindset Coaching, Denver CO

Mindset Workshops and Group Programs

Inner Transformation

This 12-week program helps you break free from the mental blocks that keep you stuck and step into the most powerful, authentic version of yourself
You’ll master your fears, skyrocket your confidence, and become the best version of yourself
By transforming your inner world, your outer world will change naturally. So you not only feel happier and more confident, but you create the business, career, relationships, and life you want.
Your business/career -- Get more done in less time and finish your workdays early with a strong sense of accomplishment using “deep work”.
Certified Fearless Living Coach
Mindset Coaching Services for Business Owners

Habit Breakthrough

Want to adopt a habit? Discover how to blend the science of habit formation with steps for conquering mental blocks so you can make any habit stick.

Work/Life Balance Mastery

Build your business/kick ass in your career while having time for friends, families, hobbies, and real vacations (without checking email every 20 minutes or constantly worrying things will fall apart without you)

Mindset Coaching, Case Study, Overcoming Obstacles To Achieve Success
Mccarthy Mindset Coaching Services

Total Life Upgrade

This 6-week program helps you master the habits that will upgrade the most important areas of your life

Your mind -- build confidence, focus, resilience, and happiness with simple meditation, visualization, and journaling exercises that will have you feeling unstoppable.
Your body -- Skyrocket your energy, mental clarity, and happiness by eating better and exercising more. No crash diets or crazy workouts, this is about finding that habits that are fun, easy to stick with, and work for you.
Your relationships -- Expand your network, deepen your connections, and fill your life with loving relationships
Your business/career -- Get more done in less time and finish your workdays early with a strong sense of accomplishment using “deep work”.

This combines the science of habit formation with your own unique goals and preferences, so you build fun habits that are easy to stick with.

And help you build a life you love.

“Lessons will stay with me for a long time”

“Brian is the most understanding person and the perfect coach for this type of platform; I felt comfortable sharing and valued his feedback… the lessons here will stay with me for a long time; I plan on revisiting the concepts as much as possible.”

— Lee Wagner, Director of Business Development, Ten Golden Rules

“Very valuable”

“Understanding the Wheel of Fear and the Wheel of Freedom. It really helped to frame thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. It has made me much more conscious of my thought process and mindful fear-based beliefs and behaviours.

Go for it! This is a very valuable personal development program.”

— Janet Rouss, Brand Engineer, Get Real Branding


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