How Justin Went from Burning Out to Lit Up By His Business (By Shifting His Mindset)

by | May 4, 2024 | Success Stories


Justin had a successful online business he loves. But he was constantly stressed. He couldn’t enjoy his success and worried his business could vanish any day.

Working with Brian

He uncovered a need for approval that caused that constant stress. He learned to let go of that need, trust himself, and build his business from a place of confidence.


The stress and pressure melted away. He began to enjoy his success and business. And that enjoyment led to launching a new offer that increased his income doing work he loves. 

“I had been through all the coaches…”

Justin Blackman one of the top Brand Voice experts in the world.

He runs a successful business creating brand voice guides and teaching copywriters how to nail their clients’ voice.

He loves his work. And despite all his success, he felt this nagging need for “more”.

That need kept him from enjoying his success. It kept him always chasing that next thing, and never feeling secure in what he built. As he says:

“I had this desire for something more. But I didn’t know what that was.

My friend said ‘you should talk to Brian.’ That opened the door for me to see that there’s more here.'”

Justin shares why he sought coaching

“I wanted to know I was good enough…”

A friend suggested Justin work with Brian.

On their first call together, just got to the core of his issue. 

He uncovered the “need for more” was really a need for validation. He wanted approval from others. For them to be impressed and say “Good job!”

That need drove him. It made it so nothing was ever enough. Even when he got those compliments, they didn’t stick. He always needed more.

Once he saw this pattern, he was able to let it go. That deep need for validation that drove his behavior and choices and caused all this stress was simply gone. 

“I wanted to know that I was good enough and feel good enough. I was able to address it and it disappeared almost immediately.

I was like, ‘Oh, this is better'”

Justin shares how he overcame the need for validation

“I wanted to appreciate what I have”

After getting such a major issue resolved in one session, Justin wondered, “What else can we do?” So she signed up for 3 months of coaching.

One of Justin’s goals was to enjoy his success. He worked hard to build the business he wanted, but wasn’t enjoying it. He was always afraid sales would dry up and his business could vanish any day.   

Through coaching, Justin learned to trust himself more fully. He built confidence in his ability to handle whatever comes. That confidence helped those fears dissovle.

Trusting himself not only released the fear, it transformed how he ran his business. For example, Justin used to feel like he needed to move fast because that’s what everyone in the online business world urges. This led to always feeling behind and being “on the brink of burnout”.

Justin’s his process is slower. He cares more about mastery and quality work than speed. He learned to operate that way, which relieved more stress and pressure.

And he found it led to great results. Engagement on his emails shot way up. And he even created a new offer that brought in thousands extra doing work he loves.

“Brian taught me to trust the process and trust myself. Not in THE process, in MY process. 

I do things my way and it works. Even though it’s not the way I’m supposed to do it according to the books.”

Justin shares how he learned to trust himself and his process

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“There’s a calling and I’m going to answer it”

Trusting himself let Justin run his business with more ease and joy.

He became more agile. Doing things that felt right instead of what he “should” be doing. It made his business more fun. And led to new, unexpected opportunities that led to more success.

For example, Justin had initially planned for a major course launch. But he felt pulled to create a new offer around writing “Business Manifesto”. 

This new offer energized him and got great response. Then when he did his normal launch months later, he completely sold out.

Justin was able to feel good making this pivot. Whereas before he would’ve been too overcome by fear to do it.

“I pivoted my business and feel good about it. Before I would’ve been petrified and not done it. It feels good and I got good responses.  It feels right and I’m trusting it.”

Justin shares how he felt confident pivoting his business 

“Life got heavy and it was seeping into work…”

Justin hit some personal issues that began seeping into his work life. The heaviness from his personal life made work feel heavy. He wasn’t able to have fun with his emails and promotions the way he wanted.

With coaching, Justin learned to set boundaries between work and personal life. He learned to show up the way he wanted for his clients and family. Without letting negative energy from one area affect the other.

This let him get back to having fun and enjoying his business. And on long work days, he could still be present and energized with his kids.

“I compartmentalize and maintain my energy for when I need it rather than everything bleeding over” 

Justin shares how he created work-life boundaries

“I’m not burnt out, I’m fired up”

Within 3 months Justin went from being stressed and burned out to lit up by his business.

He learned to trust himself, have fun with his business, and do things his way. And that led to better engagement from his list, new opportunities for additional income, and successful launches.

He no longer feels the pressure and need to prove himself. No longer builds his business from a place of needing to prove he’s good enough. No longer lives in fear that it could all collapse in the next 2 months.

He’s confident in himself and where he’s at. And able to enjoy his success. While also enjoying the journey of taking his business to the next level.   

“Before there was this fear that ‘this business won’t last.” I was worried all the time even when I had a good month.

Realizing there is a process even if it doesn’t feel like one let me feel more comfortable.”

Justin talks about life before/after coaching

“Is your business stressing you out?”

Have you had success in your business but are unable to enjoy it? (Perhaps because you feel you “should be further along”?)

Are you constantly chasing more? More clients, sales, and income. Always feeling like you have to rush forward.

And secretly worried that everything could crumble at any moment?

If you want to release the stress and pressure so you can enjoy growing your business, fill out an application below. 

Digging deep into your beliefs, fears, and mindset can help you:

— Go from burned out to lit up by your business
— Feel deep trust and confidence in yourself and your future
— Create new offers and opportunities that light you up, increase your revenue, and are aligned with your deeper purpose. So you can expand your impact doing what you love.

Watch the full interview

You can watch Justin’s full interview below. It covers:

  • How coaching helped him see his business wasn’t the problem, he was (47:47) 

  • What made this different from other business and mindset coaching he’s had (23:00)

  • How he learned to trust himself and enjoy growing his business (55:04)

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