Business Success Through Improv Comedy
Improv helps you develop skills to: 

  • Think on your feet 
  • Overcome fear
  • Confidently handle the unknown
  • Trust  yourself and your instincts
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Communicate better and work together as a team
  • Have FUN in your business and life

    Great for business owners, executives, sales teams, marketing teams, customer support teams… anyone but accountants. They’re not big on talking to humans.

    Workshops are customized to your needs. Whether you want to improv communication, bring levity into client interactions, feel comfortable public speaking… or just have fun and connect in a new way.

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With Brian’s guidance, we navigated various improv exercises that pushed our boundaries and sparked endless laughter.

We learned that it’s okay to let go and enjoy the moment, discovering that 
improv is as much about building trust and connection as it is about quick thinking. The experience was not only fun but also liberating, leaving us with a sense of camaraderie and a newfound confidence in our ability to think on our feet..”

Brandi McMichael, Executive Producer at Creative Mornings and founder of Fashion Denver 

“I never thought I’d try improv being an “introvert,” but the way you warmed us up to doing improv was fun.

As the session progressed, I felt less nervous, judgmental of self, and worried what others would think. I leaned into collaborating with the group instead of closing myself off to the experience.

I had a great time.”

Chris Pearson, Co-founder, Three Beacon Marketing

“It was great – fun and engaging.

I’ve always known the concept of “done is better than perfect” and I think that was reinforced here. I think the importance of getting something or anything out there helps to then mold it into what it could be, instead of hesitating and not contributing at all.”

Erin Kennedy, CEO & Co-Founder, Girls Rugby

About Brian

Hey, I’m Brian McCarthy.

I spent 8 years as a freelance copywriter before realizing my calling in life was to be a mindset coach. So now I do that.

Along the way I started doing improv comedy. Because working from home meant I’d go days without talking to a human. And that’s no way to live.

Improv was super fun. It let me express these emotions and parts of myself that don’t get much attention. It was intoxicating. I felt more alive. More fully myself.

I got crazy booked, doing 8 shows a month and performing in festivals all over the US.

Improv wasn’t just fun, it helped me develop skills that made me a better human (and do better in my business.) 

I became a more confident public speaker. Got better at letting go of control, trusting myself and the moment, and making the best out of any situation by turning  problems into opportunities. 

I started running workshops helping others apply improv skills to their business. People who came said it was the most fun they’ve had in months. 

And they developed skills to be better at their jobs. Better leaders, salespeople, creatives, speakers, coaches — on and on.