How A Copywriter Cut 4 Hours off His Workday And Launched A Business He Loves

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Jimmy is a copywriter who wanted to get his own business going but felt stuck.

Working with Brian

He learned to connect with what he truly wanted and build a life around it. And he overcame of the fears and beliefs that kept him stuck.


Jimmy freed up 4 hours a day and realized he could have the life he wanted now. He launched a side-business doing work he loves, and even earned enough in 30 days of side work to pay for his wife’s Master’s degree. 

“I felt lost…”

Jimmy’s a successful copywriter who wanted to significantly boost his income.

He earned good money already and thought if he made a bit more, then he could relax and be happy.

He launched a course teaching people how to use humor in advertising. And people loved it! So he thought he could build off that and create a business that would significantly boost his income.

But something about it felt off. Jimmy felt like there was some block keeping him for growing this business. As he says:

“The business caused more stress than it helped. I made decent money but something about it felt ‘off.'”

Jimmy shares his struggle in building his business

“I need a different kind of coach…”

Jimmy thought he needed a business coach to tell him what to do.

He met with some of the top online business coaches in the industry. But his intuition told him they weren’t the right fit.

Then get got on a call with Brian, who he knew through copywriting.

On the call, Jimmy realized something: He had no clue what he wanted.

He was simply growing his business because that’s what everyone in the online marketing world always does. He wasn’t really clear on what he wanted for himself.

Jimmy realized he didn’t need a business coach. He needed a different kind of coach. One that would help him get really clear on what he wanted out of life — and how to get it. And his intuition told him working with Brian would help him get that clarity. So they started coaching. 

“I realized I didn’t have a business problem, I had a ME problem. I didn’t know what I wanted or why I was doing any of this stuff.”

Jimmy shares how he needed clarity

“I can have the life I want now

After this realization, Jimmy started to get clear on what truly mattered to him. 

And he realized he had been doing things backwards.

He thought he had to get his income up to $30,000/month. Then he’d be able to relax, spend time with his family, and be happy. But he realized he could have that life now.

So he put his business on the shelf. And instead of working 8-10 hours a day stressing over work, he started to spend more time with family and doing things he loves. Like building go-karts with his kids, playing video games, etc.

“I didn’t have to wait until I made $20-$30,000/month, I could have the life I wanted now.

Jimmy shares how he didn’t need to wait to be happy

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“The anxiety and overwhelm was gone…”

Jimmy used to be stuck working in his office from 9am-7pm every day.

While working, he’d feel guilty that he wasn’t spending time with his kids.

When he spent time with his kids, he felt guilty for not working. 

No matter what he did, he couldn’t win.

Through coaching, Jimmy dug into the deeper fears that caused him to work so much.

He realized he was afraid that if he stepped away from work there might be some big emergency and things would fall apart. This fear made it hard to step away and be present with his kids.

By understanding this deeper fear he learned to break free from it. And within a few days, it was gone.

He learned to trust himself and not let fear drive him. This helped him cut 4 hours off his workday while still getting everything done at a high level.

Giving him time to exercise be with his kids guilt-free.

“Before I spent the whole day in my office, working from 9-7. 

Now I’ll work 2-3 hours a day most days. I’m eating better, going to the gym more, and my relationship with my wife is way better”

Jimmy shares how trusting himself relieved work stress and freed up his time

“I made enough to pay for my wife’s degree…”

Through coaching, Jimmy discovered what made him happy and successful. And he learned to ramp that up.

For example, there were certain types of copy Jimmy didn’t like to write. It felt boring and not fun.

But Jimmy learned how to hack his own creative process to make that work fun. (And enjoying that work led to a massive increase in responses.)

He also learned how to build a business that works best for him. In his case, it wasn’t about following someone else’s “proven 5-step plan.” It was about letting things grow organically.

So he focused on that. And soon, he got a handful of deals for small side-projects that paid incredibly well. He made enough in 30 days of side-projects to pay for his wife’s Master’s degree

Soon after, a friend reached out to Jimmy with an idea to start their own financial newsletter. Jimmy loved the idea and has been enjoying working on it ever since. 

“The work I’m doing now happens effortlessly. Opprotunities just show up. One showed up that was low-effort and easy money. Then four more…”

Jimmy shares how opportunities show up when you’re doing what you’re “meant” to do

“My days just feel lighter”

Within 3 months of coaching, Jimmy’s day-to-day life transformed completely.

He got clear on what matters to him and what he wants from his business and life. 

He freed up 4 hours a day. Giving him time to support his wife in pursuing her dreams. To build a side-business he’s passionate about. And to spend more time exercising and being with his family without the guilt of “I should be working.”

His relationship with his wife even improved. Because they no longer had the friction caused by him being holed up in his office all day. 

“Before I felt like I had to grow Snappy Ads (this was his original side-business). It being an obligation sucked the life out of me.

Helping my wife build a business that helps women with health challenges sounds way more fun and tangible than just selling another marketing course.”

Jimmy shares how he’s less stressed and enjoys life more

“Brian’s gonna help me lift this”

Jimmy didn’t need to follow anyone else’s program or formula.

He simply needed help getting clear on what he truly wanted and how to bring it to life.

Coaching helped him get that clarity. And move past the mental blocks that were in the way

From the moment he signed up for coaching he felt hope because he knew he’d have help. And that lightness and ease only grew as lived his life more fully on his terms.

“In 3 months of working with Brian I had a few mental transformations.”

Want results like Jimmy?

If you want to:

— Free up 2-4 hours a day
— Start a business you love doing what you were “meant” to do
— Spend more time with family, exercising, and pursuing hobbies (or a side-business)

Click below to see if coaching with Brian is for you. 

Watch the full interview

You can watch Jimmy’s full interview below. It covers:

  • How Jimmy’s business started to feel like a prison… and how he escaped (47:47) 

  • Why Jimmy no longer cares about “Finding his ‘WHY'” (Sorry, Simon Sinek) (23:00)

  • How Jimmy went from disliking certain parts of his job to loving it (55:04)

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