From Copywriter to High-Ticket Consultant By Conquering Imposter Syndrome

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Angie was a successful copywriter who wanted to get her own business going. But she wasn’t sure what that business was. And imposter syndrome kept her from moving forward.

Working with Brian

Angie went through the Mindset Breakthrough Framework to get clear on what she wanted, remove the mental blocks holding her back, and build her business and life from a place of joy and fulfillment.


Angie launched a successful podcast, wrote a book, and built a thriving consulting business. She gets to work in her “zone of genius” with clients she loves — all while traveling the US.

“Everything was horrible…”

Angie Colee had just left her job as Copy Chief for Jeff Walker.

She was excited to start her own business.

Until her life began to unravel. 

Her long-term partner ended their relationship.

She suddenly found herself alone with no job and no place to live. And she doubted if starting a business was the right idea. As she says

In one week, I went from planning to start a business and move into a new house with my partner to having none of those things. There was a lot of fear and uncertainty around my next steps.” 

Angie shares her struggles before coaching

“I wanted the confidence to proceed”

Angie had a successful career as a copywriter.

But she was done writing for clients and ready to get her own thing going.

The problem was, she didn’t know what that was. She had vague, nebulous goals of starting some sort of podcast and building a thought-leader empire. But she needed help getting clear on her vision and next steps.

She also needed help dealing with the fear of going out on her own. 

On top of all that, she also needed help processing her breakup.

Angie knew Brian from copywriting. He knew about his training with the Fearless Living Institute and decided to work with him.

Together, they went through the Mindset Breakthrough Framework to get clarity on the life she wanted, remove the mental blocks holding her back, and uplevel her confidence. So she could achieve her goals while maintaining a balanced life

“Brian has a great capacity to listen and reflect back what he hears.

He can make me laugh when I’m too in my head and too in my feels. I express anxiety I’ve been looping on and when I finally say it out loud I laugh.”

Angie shares why she hired Brian

From procrastinating to launching a podcast

Angie had been thinking of launching a podcast for 8 months. But Imposter Syndrome caused her to procrastinate.

She kept thinking, “What if nobody wants to be on my show? What if nobody listens? What if people don’t like it?”

Sometimes, simply sharing her fears in the safety of a coaching call was enough to make them dissolve. 

When that wasn’t enough, she got simple tools within the Mindset Breakthrough Framework to break free from fear and tap into her true self.

She learned to act from a place of empowerment instead of fear. And focus on what she loved rather than worrying about what might go wrong. 

As a result, she went from dreading working on the podcast to loving it. And she got a year’s worth of content done in four months!

“Some of my procrastination came from guilt. If I got my work done early I felt I wasn’t entitled to reward myself…

I had to learn to accept that it was okay and to reward myself for doing a great job. And that led me to be more productive because I wasn’t beating myself up all the time.

Angie’s podcast

Angie shares how she launched her podcast

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“I got 6 articles published and wrote a book”

Angie had other big goals for her business.

She wanted to write a book and get featured on sites like Business Insider and

But once again, fear held her back

She felt like her book needed to be the greatest book ever written. And that pressure made it almost impossible to get anything done.

As for publicity, she had bought an expensive online course on how to do it. But she never applied what she learned because deep down, she was afraid of rejection.

Once again, she overcame those fears by connecting to her true self and acting from an empowered place. 

She learned to make writing a fun, enjoyable experience without all the pressure. And she got tools like the “Fear Ladder” to overcome her fears and reach out to publications.

The results?

She finished her 200+ page book and got featured on major sites, including Thrive Global,, and Business Insider.

“I started internalizing the stuff we were working on. 

I focused on getting 1 pitch sent. It got accepted. It wasn’t the 50,000 steps to hell I imagined. I thought, maybe I made this harder and scarier in my head than it actually is.”

Angie’s feature in

Angie shares how she learned to enjoy growing her business

“I  do my best work from a place of pure joy and fun…”

Angie was looking to start a new career as a marketing consultant. But once again, Imposter Syndrome kept stopping her.

But she was afraid that since she never built a $10,000,000 business with a massive IPO, nobody listen to her.

And she felt that to be a high-ticket consultant, she had to look polished and flawless.

But through coaching, she learned that she could build a thriving business while being herself. Because she’s at her best when she’s being herself fully.

So she prioritized travel, adventure, and seeing friends. Because that energized her to be her best at work.

She built her business around her life and personality. And the more she let herself shine, the more she attracted the right people.

The people I work with understand that joy and freedom is how I produce my best work. 

I went on hot air balloon ride at dawn one day. On the drive back I had an idea for an email sequence that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to a client. They don’t care that I got the idea from a hot air balloon”

Angie shares how to bring more of herself to her business

“We got our first 3 ‘yeses’ in less than a month”

Angie initially had “vague goals” for her business.

But weekly coaching helped her home in on what she wanted.

She played on her strengths. And found a great business partner to complement her.

Angie and her partner launched their new business, and closed mid-5-figures in sales within two weeks!

On top of that, Angie started her own in-person events. These combine marketing strategy with fun things like driving bulldozers. Her first event sold out before she could even market it to the public.

Now she’s doing work she loves, with people she loves, and has a business built around her strengths, personality, and ideal lifestyle. 

“I’m overjoyed to be in a place where I feel like everything about me is great. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to work with people I don’t want to work with or on projects that don’t bring me joy…

… And I’m not beholden to a business that makes me miss out on the important moments.” 

Branko Success Story

How Angie became comfortable being a high-ticket consultant

When I come from empowerment, things work out

Through coaching with Brian, Angie broke free from the fears holding her back.

She got clarity on her vision and created the business and life she wanted.

Best of all, she learned she could do it her way. She could express herself fully rather than trying to be what she thought others wanted her to be.

And she found that the more she expressed her true self, the more the right people and opportunities came to her.

“When I come from a place of empowerment, things work out. When I come from fear, like ‘OMG I need to drum up clients’, it leads to a bad fit. When I don’t act from fear I see that.”

Want to Conquer Procrastination?

Through coaching, Angie was able to:

  • Launch a successful consulting business doing work she loves 
  • Launch a successful podcast
  • Write a book
  • Move on from her ex
  • Live her life and build her business from a place of joy and authentic self-expression

If you want the same results, apply for a coaching today.

You’ll turn vague goals into a clear vision that lights you up.

And learn to overcome the fear, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs holding you back.

So you can create a business and life you love. 

Watch the full interview

You can watch Angie’s full case study below. It covers:

How Angie went from not making sales from her small email list to getting regular requests to hire her

How Angie dealt with the fear of “What if my consulting calls don’t provide enough value!”

How Angie’s first attempt at a live event failed… and how she avoided spiraling out and put on another event that was a huge success

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