Copywriters: Ditch Client Work and Get Your 
Own Thing Going

Here’s how to:
Free up 2-4 hours a day 
— Start a meaningful business you love (while upleveling your lifestyle)
Overcome the fears, doubt, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and other head trash keeping you stuck


***Only for copywriters with 5+ years experience


From copywriter to landing $30,000 consulting clients doing what she loves

Reduced 80% of her workload, launched multiple businesses and began earning $1,000/hour consulting

Jimmy freed up 4 hours a day and started a business he loves

Agora copywriter cut 4 hours off his workday

About Brian
— Certified Fearless Living Coach

— Former copywriter for 8 years writing for James Schramko, Ramit Sethi, T. Harv Eker and other leaders in the personal development/online biz space
— Mindset Coach for freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to free up their time and build a business that brings meaning, fulfillment, and a kickass lifestyle

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