2For busy business owners & freelancers:


Free up 10-20 Hours A Week by Eliminating Unnecessary Screentime 

5-Day Digital Detox lets you: 

Break the habit of  constantly checking your phone 
Skyrocket your productivity (get more done by 2pm than you currently do all day)
Regain your energy and mental clarity 

How it works

You simple steps to eliminate needless screentime. Plus, 5 days of support emails.

So you can stop wasting hours a week on mindless scrolling that drains your time and energy. 

It will let you  designed to help you unplug, reset, and open up some brainspace. 

You’ll put barriers between you and your biggest time-wasters (scrolling IG, checking slack and email 4,308 times a day, etc.)

You’ll even break free from the psychological needs that keep your glued to the screen. So you can spend more time outside, with your family, exercising and enjoying life.

I became more productive because I had a clearer mind and more easily able to enter deep work when it’s time to work because i had fully enjoyed time to play.

Not blending work and play has been a big takeaway for me. It can be a very easy line to cross as a WFHM.”

Megan Kachigan Loehr

Digital Marketing Consultant

“I cut back a lot of phone use and became much more productive. So much so that I had a couple of Summer Friday’s and got more workouts in (so my fitness # are improving)”

Christy Goldfeder Ingkavet

Marketing Consultant

I deleted Instagram & TikTok – my two biggest time sucks – off my phone. I think I’m happier without it.

It’s amazing how much gets done in the morning without the distraction!

Hilary Welter

Marketing Manager

I went in my first wine tour yesterday

It was a lot of fun. My friend and I stayed in Niagara overnight and enjoyed some live music at a restaurant in the evening too.

I did not check work notifications all day.

Theresa Matters

Project Manager

I went snorkeling and read a 650 page book!

The main thing I wanted was to eliminate boredom scrolling and instead find more constructive things to do that are offline. Or just be ok with doing nothing.”

Melody DiCroce

Founder, The Launch Library

Very much enjoyed participating in Brian McCarthy’s Digital Detox – it saved me a ton of time, helped me break the habit of mindless scrolling and “dopamine chasing” on Instagram, and made my brain much happier overall.

Been loving life and how easy it is to stay present without feeling like I need to post every moment.

Rachel Mazza

Founder, SEO Conversion Content & CMO of Copy Chief

Who’s running this thing?

I’m Brian. I help online entrepreneurs build their business while freeing up time and enjoying life.

One of the easiest ways to free up massive amounts of time is by cutting back on needless screentime. 

So lets do that.

You’ll go from “OMG I got so many things to do” to “Oh wow it’s 4pm and I’ve done all the things and don’t know what to do with myself.”

What happens to me everytime I do a digital detox. And my clients when they do it.

You’ll free up tons of time you can use to play with your kids, enjoy happy hour with your partner, get back into running — whatever you want.

Plus, enjoy the mental clarity and peace that comes from not having your brain bombarded by media all day.

Here are words from my 1:1 clients:

Brian Mccarthy Mindset Coaching, Denver CO

“Working with Brian I went from not taking a vacation for 6 years to being able to take 45 days off in a quarter while my business kept going”
— Dayna Abraham, founder of Calm the Chaos

I cut my workday down by four hours and am more present with my wife and kids.
— Jimmy Parent, Creator of Snappy Ads & Copywriter

“I went from working until 6 or 7 at night to ending work by 3. Then spending the rest of the day playing video games or going for a walk or happy hour with my girlfriend without thinking about work”
— Branko Mijatovic, Copywriter

“Now I can close my laptop at 4pm and walk away from work.

I’ll schedule things for myself, like workouts or pedicures at 2:30 in the afternoon, and I’ll have work fit around this. It’s been a big change.”
— Rachel Mazza, Consultant and CMO of Copy Chief