How A 7-Figure Business Owner Conquered Self-Doubt To Land a 6-figure Book Deal, Lose 50lbs, And Take 45 Days Off In A Quarter

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Dayna is the Founder & CEO of Lemon Lime Adventures and mother of 3 kids. She had a lot on her plate and wanted a safe place to work through problems in her business and life. 

Working with Brian

She uncovered the mental blocks that caused her to doubt herself, procrastinate, and be stuck constantly working.


Dayna went from “ridded with self-doubt” to bursting with confidence. She landed a 6-figure book deal, lost 50lbs, and went from not taking time off for years to taking 45 days off in one quarter to be with family.

I didn’t have a safe place to talk about things…

Dayna runs a 7-figure online business helping parents of challenging kids create a calm, peaceful home.

All of a sudden, several of her team members left at once.

She had this major project critical to her business she needed to complete. As well as her own personal issues constantly swirling in her mind.

With so much going on, she needed an outlet to talk everything through. As she says:

“As the expert in my field, I didn’t feel I had a safe place to show up, be vulnerable, and talk about the things I feel I should already have figured out…

Things like my own self-doubt, fears, and emotional regulation. Things that seem small but hold you back…”

Dayna shares share her struggles

“Who can help me get out of this rut?””

Dayna had worked with Brian for several years. He was the go-to copywriter for their launches, copy, and messaging. 

She knew about his journey of becoming a Certified Fearless Living coach. And she was interested in that work. 

When Dayna sat down to think of who could help her, Brian was top of mind. So they started to work together.

“I’ve seen the way [Brian] showed up inside my business… so when I though, “Who can help me get me out of this rut?” your name came up”

Dayna shares why she chose to work with Brian

I was stuck on writing my book…

Dayna now had a safe place to work through whatever issues where going on in her life and business.

One of the biggest issues was she wanted a book deal with a publishing company. So she could share her message and help more families.

But she was stuck on the proposal. In fact, she had been stuck on it for two years.

Through coaching, she realized the problem:

She had huge expectations for the book. And that left her paralyzed with fear.

She also had imposter syndrome. And worried that since she didn’t have any letters behind her name, nobody would take her seriously.

Through the calls, Dayna learned to conquer those fears. She shifted her focus to helping the parents who desperately needed her work.

This helped her get unstuck. She finished her proposal and ended up in a bidding war with the top publishing houses in the world, eventually landing a 6-figure book deal!.

“I got an amazing book deal. The proposal went to auction with 7 publishing houses, and I got over 6-figure advance with one of the top publishing houses in the world.

Branko Success Story

Dayna shares how she got unstuck with her book

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I yo-yo’d with my weight for a long time…

Another challenge Dayna wanted help with was weight loss.

As it turned out, there was a mental block in her way.

Dayna believed that to lose weight, she had to go “all in.” She had to wake up at 5, go to Crossfit, and make weight loss her #1 priority. 

Yet she knew she couldn’t do that. She had a book to write,  a business to run, and a family to take care of.

With Brian’s help,, Dayna realized this belief she needed to go “all in” was holding her back.

She learned to take tiny steps forward. And she realized if she fell behind, she could simply pick up where she left off instead of giving up.

She started simply, walking for 10 minutes, 3 times a day. And things began to snowball. It got easier and easier to move and exercise.

Within 3 months, her identity shifted. She now saw herself as someone who takes care of her body. And after several more months, she had lost 50lbs. All through simple, easily-sustainable changes to her lifestyle.

“I lost 50lbs. I have tons of energy. My bone pain is gone. I can get on the floor with my daughter or play with my dogs or sprint down the road if my daughter is like “Hey, let’s race.”

Dayna shares how she lost 50lbs

“I went to France for 2 weeks and didn’t work..”

As a busy business owner, Dayna rarely took time off.

That fed into her team. Her employees felt they had to work all the time. 

That led to burnout, and was the reason so many employees quit at once. 

Dayna didn’t want that to be the culture of her company. And she knew change had to start with her.

So she worked on being able to take time off guilt-free.

The coaching gave her a chance to plan ahead. So she could figure out how to take time off without everything falling apart or the company going broke.

Despite running a 7-figure business and writing a book, Dayna was able to take 2 full weeks off in the summer to go to Paris with her son. Her first real vacation in over 6 years.

She also took a full week off with her husband. And she was able to take 45 of 90 days off in Q3.

“I realized I could take the bull by the horns. The only one who can advocate for me is me. People are so tied up with their own problems that if I want to get something done it’s up to me.”

Dayna shares how she finally took time off work (without feeling guilty)

“I am a completely different human…”

Through coaching, Dayna learned to understand herself better.

She learned to manage her emotions and keep self-doubt from running her life.

When self-doubt pops up, she knows to look deeper into it, to see what the true cause of it is.

And she knows how to manage it so it doesn’t control her life.

As a result, her life as changed. She was able to land a book deal, lose 50lbs, write her book and take time off while building a successful business. 

“Not feeling guilty improved my relationships. I’m less stressed, less snarky, and less annoyed because I feel good.

…And I’m able to enjoy my free time guilt-free”

Dayna shares how she went from riddled with self-doubt to confident

“Her “Secret Weapon” 

Dayna has found coaching with Brian to be a great way to get to the root of her problems.

Unlike other coaches who follow scripts or ask the same questions over and over, Brian asked questions that helped her uncover the fears, beliefs, and mental blocks holding her back… then work together to create a plan to overcome them.

The coaching gave her a safe place to explore what was going on with her. And it’s been her “secret weapon” for creating a business and life she loves.

I know if I can be vulnerable and share what’s happening, you’ll go through the process of asking questions to get to the root of the problem… You show up with compassion and make it super easy to talk about anything

Dayna shares how coaching with Brian is her “secret weapon”

Want to Get Coached?

Do you want a safe place to process things in your life and business?

Do you want to dig into the hidden fears, beliefs, and mental blocks keeping you stuck?

So you can take time away from work guilt free… lose weight and feel more energized… and show up as your best for your business and your family?

If you want results like Dayna, apply for coaching below.

Watch the full interview

See Dayna’s full interview below, including:

  • How Dayna went from procrastinating on writing her book to writing almost every day and enjoying the process (6:32)
  • The simple habits and mindset shifts that helped Dayna lose 50lbs and feel comfortable in her skin (11:20)
  • How Dayna broke free from “hustle all the time” mentality that left her and her team burnt out (17:24)

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