From Copywriter to High-Ticket Consultant

See how Angie:

  • Got clarity on the business and life she wanted
  • Conquered the mindset blocks holding her back (Imposter Syndrome, procrastination, and self-doubt)
  • Build a consulting business she loves (closing mid 5-figure deals)
Certified Fearless Living Coach
I will Teach You
London real

“I’m overjoyed to be in a place where I feel like everything about me is great. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to work with people I don’t want to work with or on projects that don’t bring me joy…

… And I’m not beholden to a business that makes me miss out on the important moments.”

Angie Colee, author, consultant, host of the Permission to Kick Ass Podcast

About her coach.

Hey, I’m Brian McCarthy.

I spent 8 years as a copywriter writing for clients like James Schramko, and NYT bestsellers Ramit Sethi, and Rhonda Britten.

After a few years earning 6-figures traveling the world while writing I asked myself, “Do I want to be writing copy 10 years from now?”

The answer was a resounding “No!”

So I asked, “What’s something I would love doing so much I wouldn’t want to retire from it?”

The answer to that was coaching. 

Not ordinary business coaching.

I spent 10 years and $100,000+ on Life & Business Coaches and Personal Growth Workshops. It was all well worth it.

I wanted the skills to help others get clarity on who they are and what they want. Then remove the blocks keeping them from making it happen. 

So I became a Certified Fearless Living Coach. And now help copywriters break free from client work and get their own thing going.

So you can earn more doing work you love while having plenty of time for the things that really matter — travel, family, or in my case nowadays improv and D&D.